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Words can seldom explain how, even when you consider yourself to be superwoman, indestructible…weakness is somewhere in the depths of you. It takes only a split second for it to be exposed and in situations never imagined. I am so happy that in my weak moments you have been there to lift me up. I am eternally grateful for your presence in my life and have seen that I not only want you but I need you. Cliché yes, cheesy yes but you are my everything, simply because you’ve made me your everything. Those days and nights were scary, they placed a yellow band on my wrist that read “Fall Risk”, but you never let me fall, even through the late nights, you stumbled to my side half asleep and still managed to lead the way… Just know that I would never let you fall baby. I love you. @king_levant #IKnowIShouldBeAsleep #JustHadToLetYouKnow

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